A Lifesaving Run

The Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10&5k has proudly supported Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) since 2022


Fundraise for Australian Cancer Research Foundation to give the people you love Australia’s best cancer research

Make your run count

This year your run will support Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) and help give the people you love Australia’s best cancer research.

BACKING BRILLIANT is what Australian Cancer Research Foundation does.

We know that cancer research brilliance goes further, faster, when it’s backed by technology.


So we ask highly-esteemed cancer researchers to select the cancer research they believe in, and we supercharge it with technology. It works!


Australian Cancer Research Foundation’s approach has already saved the lives of Australians who would otherwise die from their cancer or pay an unacceptable price for more time.


But this powerful impact is limited. By funding.


We are independent and rely on private support, and the less funding we have, the less work we can support.


It means we have to say ‘no’ to brilliant cancer researchers whose work has astounding, ground-breaking, dial-shifting potential.


It means we say ‘no’ to cancer research that could save the life of the 2 in 5 Australians who’ll get cancer in their lifetime.


They could be someone you know – someone you care about – or someone you love. Or it could be you.


Thanks to research, the survival rate for many types of cancer has improved by more than 20% in the past three decades. Despite this success, it was estimated that over 160,000 Australians would be diagnosed with cancer in 2022 alone. Devastatingly, almost 50,000 people were also estimated to lose their life to cancer that same year.


  • A lifeline for children without one. ACRF backed a personalised medicine program for children diagnosed with high-risk cancers. The ultimate aim of this program is to zero deaths from childhood cancer.
  • Seed funding a cancer cure. ACRF provided initial funding to Professor Ian Frazer for the development of the world-first cervical cancer vaccine. A breakthrough that will likely see the disease eradicated in Australia.
  • Breathtaking outcomes for lung cancer patients. ACRF supported a project exploring new methods to detect lung cancer (including in exhaled breath) which could be a gamechanger for Australia’s deadliest cancer.

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